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words and music by Jack Hamilton
published by J. Allen Hamilton Music

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Harry's Lunch    

In The Morning, All The Time    

Sheet Music    

Shelby And First    

Behind Your Eyes    

Dining Alone    

Sea Note    

All Their Wives Blame Me    

I'll Be There    

I Just Stopped In For a Beer    

Bits And Pieces    

1. Harry's Lunch (5:05)
2. In The Morning, All The Time (2:45)
3. Sheet Music (2:45)
4. Shelby And First (3:36)
5. Behind Your Eyes (3:23)
6. Dining Alone (2:54)
7. Sea Note (3:28)
8. All Their Wives Blame Me (3:18)
9. I'll Be There (3:08)
10. I Just Stopped In For A Beer (4:36)
11. Bits And Pieces (4:36)

Jack Hamilton - vocals and guitar
Nelson Wood - dobro, pedal steel, harmonica, bass
Tom Hagen - mandolin
Matt Combs - fiddle
Cherie Lynn - vocal on "Bits And Pieces"

"Harry's Lunch", "I'll Be There", "I Just Stopped In For A Beer", "Bits And Pieces" recorded at Tom Hagen Studio, Saranac, Michigan. Tom Hagen audio engineer.

All other music tracks recorded at Al's Audio Diner, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Geoff Michaels audio engineer.

All vocal tracks recorded at Tom Hagen Studio.
All tracks re-mixed by Tom Hagen.