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words and music by Jack Hamilton
published by Cherry Lane Music

recorded in 1981 at Thrower Sound - Flint, Michigan

Feelin' Good    

Silver Song    

Tear Stained Smiles    

Would It Be Too Much To Ask    

Never Knowin'    

Things That I've Learned    

Same Old Song    

November Evening    

Yesterday's Rain    

1. Feelin' Good(2:26)
2. Silver Song (4:05)
3. Tear Stained Smiles (3:15)
4. Would It Be Too Much To Ask (2:58)
5. Never Knowin' (3:37)
6. Things That I've Learned(4:12)
7. Same Old Song(4:08)
8. November Evening(4:10)
9. Yesterday's Rain(3:06)